AH&A “Our House” Ep.13: Jennifer Bartlett


A writer speaks up for disability rights

Jennifer Bartlett has long been using her voice to advocate for people with disabilities: first as a poet and a writer, and later as an activist in New York City. Here’s her story of how speaking up for disabled people at a Rise and Resist activist meeting led her to her current role within the MTA President’s Office for Systemwide Accessibility, where she works on changing the culture around disability access.

Support Jennifer’s work at zoeglossia.org: a community for writers with disabilities.

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OUR HOUSE Credits:
Production and editing by Jeff Rose.
Music by Audioblocks.
Hosted by Nicole Ferraro.

Zoeglossia is a new literary organization that is seeking to pioneer a new, inclusive space for poets with disabilities. Much like its forbearers Canto Mundo, Kundiman, Cave Canem, and Lambda Literary, Zoeglossia strives to create an open and supportive community that welcomes and fosters creativity. Through the creation of an annual retreat, poets from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn and develop from prominent, established writers who also have disabilities. These retreats, which individuals will attend over a period of three years, will promote professional development among this shared creative community.