AH&A Presents:
Vote Mama

AH&A and Caveat hosted a night of storytelling supporting moms in office. 100% ticket proceeds went to Vote Mama, a new initiative led by former congressional candidate and economic development expert Liuba Grechen Shirley.


AH&A Podcast: Our House

A series where activists share stories about the first time they knew they had to get involved, what happened next, and how we can support their work.

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“We’re Back” - Jan 4th Storytelling show

Celebrating Our Victories

Art, Humanity & Action continued its series uniting storytelling, activism, and fundraising on Jan 4th at Caveat on New York's Lower East Side. 

Our fourth live event, Art, Humanity & Action "We’re Back" featured stories and comedy about comebacks and defiance, and a roadmap to taking the country back in 2020. "We’re Back" raised $2300 for Indivisible Westchester.



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