AH&A “Our House” Ep.10: Liuba Grechen Shirley


A mama runs for Congress

Liuba Grechen Shirley, mother of two, made history during the 2018 midterms by successfully petitioning the FEC to use her congressional campaign funds for childcare. Since the election, she's used her experience running for Congress to launch Vote Mama: the first PAC to mentor and financially support moms running for office at all levels of US government.

Learn more about Vote Mama and get in touch about running, or to support other moms who are running, at www.votemama.org, or email sarah@votemama.org. Follow @ VoteMamaUS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In New York? Join us (and Liuba!) on Monday, March 11, for our storytelling benefit Art, Humanity & Action presents Vote Mama: a night of storytelling supporting moms in office. 100% ticket sales donated to Vote Mama. Details and tickets available at: secure.actblue.com/donate/votemamastories

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OUR HOUSE Credits:
Production and editing by Jeff Rose.
Music by Audioblocks.
Hosted by Nicole Ferraro.

Women, and particularly moms of young children, face unique challenges when running for office. Especially in those critical early months, moms face increased scrutiny from donors, establishment institutions, and the public. There are many PACs that focus on electing women— but Vote Mama is the only one focused solely on electing moms.